• What is a Septic System?

    Septic is a self-contained wastewater removal system in which their simple design makes it an ideal, low cost alternative than centralized sewage systems. Ideal for larger spaced residential properties, septic systems have two primary parts: the septic tank and a drainfield.
  • How does a Septic System work?

    When wastewater flows from the residence through sewer pipe and empties into the septic tank, the tank allow solid lighter than water to float to the top scum layer, while solids heavier than water sink to the bottom sludge layer. When high enough, the scum and partially clarified wastewater moves to the drainfield where it is transferred through perforated pipe into the ground that acts as a natural, biological filter.
  • What is the difference between Aerobic and Anaerobic systems?

    Most septic systems are non-aerobic systems meaning the naturally occurring bacteria used to break down the sludge layer, does not require oxygen. Whereas an aerobic system’s bacteria does require oxygen, often provided through the use of an aerator pump. Aerobic systems are ideal for limited sized residences, whereas anaerobic systems are more ideal for cost efficiency.
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